Star Wars: The Old Republic Getting New Update In April


Chapter 12 of Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s Knights of the Fallen Empire campaign is coming soon when Visions in the Dark arrives. On April 7th the latest update will arrive, and the new story elements have been introduced in a new teaser from EA.

Visions in the Dark will see SWTOR players facing their destiny and taking on the seemingly immortal Emperor Valkorion. If the teaser is anything go by this will be no easy task, as the new footage shows Valkorion demonstrating his immense power along with the penchant for monologuing shared by so many other great Star Wars villains.

Knights of the Fallen Empire has been running through SWTOR for quite some time now following EA’s attempts to reinvigorate Bioware’s free-to-play MMO. New players to the game can still head right into the new action as they will begin at level 60, meaning no extended catch-up will be necessary for anyone looking to join at this stage.

Visions in the Dark will force you to face your destiny when it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic on April 7th. New players who sign up before the end of March can also get additional Early Access gear as yet another incentive to join.