Konami Reportedly Working On Silent Hill Reboot

Silent Hill

Silent Hill, you know, the long-dormant but beloved psychological horror game from Konami, will reportedly finally enjoy its day in the sun from the fog of development uncertainty once again, reports Bloody Disgusting.

This comes on the heels of other long-dormant but beloved franchises purportedly being in the works once again as well at the game company, such as the stealth-action series Metal Gear Solid and dungeon-exploring actioner Castlevania.

The last time we saw Silent Hill make an appearance on consoles was with the 2014 interactive teaser P.T. That was a “playable teaser” for a then-upcoming Silent Hills game helmed by Hideo Kojima before the video game auteur was unceremoniously let go by Konami. Development was scrapped, and the downloadable demo was pulled from the PlayStation 4 store. Indeed, Kojima had his hands in all three of the aforementioned games, being the creator of Metal Gear Solid and a producer of 2010’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Silent Hill

Apparently, two Silent Hill games are in development according to an insider source, with a prominent Japanese studio handling one of those games.

This all comes after an internal restructuring at Konami had the company seemingly backtrack from its abandonment of AAA blockbuster console titles in favor of mobile games, a controversial pivot that coincided with Kojima’s departure in the mid-2010s.

It’ll be interesting to see how Silent Hill comes back from the dead, as the supernatural thriller that centers around a cursed town draped in a heavy fog was headed for a decidedly intriguing direction with the now-squashed Silent Hills. While the Norman Reedus-starring game never came to fruition, P.T. has proven itself as quite influential in the horror game genre, inspiring other indie titles and even the latest Resident Evil games from rival company Capcom to adopt the first-person approach to terror.