The Best Landing Spots For Rare Loot In Apex Legends Season 4


With World’s Edge returning once again as the primary map – Kings Canyon will return at some point in the future – for Apex Legends Season 4, you might think that the best landing spots for loot remain the same as Season 3. Thanks to a number of layout changes, new areas and tweaked item spawns though, that’s almost certainly not the case. It’s still early days, however, so the agreed-upon best places to score rare items aren’t yet down to a science, but several early frontrunners for hot spot status are already beginning to emerge.

As before, rare loot has a chance of spawning randomly at any major location on the map, with certain locations – such as locked armories requiring special Vault Keys – giving the best chance at scoring top-tier gear. Unless you’re lucky enough to encounter a key-carrying Drone at the beginning of every match, the sought-after item is best considered a welcome surprise, rather than a reliable strategy plan.

That being the case, your best bet is to aim for the map locations boasting the largest quantity of supply bins. The more of these you and your squad open before anyone else, the better your chances of securing some high-end resources for the late game. But where should you be looking? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top five locations (ranked by the number of supply bins) below and they’re as follows:

  • Skyhook – 26 bins
  • The Dome – 30 bins
  • The Fragments – 32 bins
  • Sorting Factory – 45 bins
  • Thermal Station – 58 bins

It goes without saying, of course, that with the promise of copious quantities of loot, come other players. Should you choose to shoot straight for the Thermal Station’s massive stores of weaponry, for example, there’s a high chance you’ll encounter opposing teams looking to snap up the goods before you’re able to, so speed is definitely of the essence if you go this route. Ultimately, we’d recommend trying all of the above and discern which location in Apex Legends Season 4 best plays to your squad’s strengths. Good luck!