Apex Legends Season 4 World’s Edge Map Changes Explained

Apex Legends

Finally, the wait is over. Apex Legends Season 4 has officially begun today, bringing with it a host of new content for players to devour at their leisure, but where to begin?

By now, you’re likely well aware of bloodthirsty newcomer Legend Revenant making his debut as well as a new long-range weapon to play around with, but those two features are far from the only meta-changing additions this time around. While players of the battle royale won’t be required to learn an entirely brand new map for this latest refresh, Respawn has taken the opportunity to do some landscaping around World’s Edge.

These geographical alterations are far from cosmetic, either, with the developer describing in a recent blog post how the various tweaks are intended “to get players to make new decisions” on the battlefield. So, with that in mind and without further ado, continue through the break below for a rundown of every major change.

First up is the Planet Harvester. This monstrous machinery belongs to Hammond Robotics and has been dumped smack-bang in the middle of World’s Edge. For reasons unknown, Hammond is using the device to harvest precious metals from the planet’s core, but that’s not the only purpose it serves. Respawn says the Harvester is intended to serve as a central landmark to help players orient themselves whenever needed. You can, of course, opt to climb inside for an impromptu session of exploration, but be ready to engage in close-quarters combat, should any opposing teams intrude on your new hideout.

Hammond’s new toy has also caused some rather nasty side effects on the surrounding environment. Splitting the very firmament beneath it, Capitol City has been fractured into two sections – Fragment East and West – with both halves now only joined by two choke points. The division allows teams more breathing room to loot when first dropping into the map and provides the perfect opportunity for Caustic or Wattson to create choke points with their active abilities.

Finally is a new point of interest, the Survey Camp. Placed on the snowy fields sandwiched between the Epicenter and Skyhook, this quaint little establishment aims to draw players away from previous hot points with a unique loot mechanic. Weapon Racks, which can only be found in the camp, contain guaranteed weapons, so if you’re looking for a safe bet rather than random spawns, this will be your first port of call.

And that’s that! You can jump in and explore the changes made to World’s Edge in Apex Legends Season 4 for yourselves right now. Good luck, soldier!

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