Latest Apex Legends Update Adds New Respawn Feature To Every Game Mode

Apex Legends

The latest update for Apex Legends has just gone live and while the patch notes may appear remarkably light at first glance, there’s something here that promises to shake up the metagame to a potentially drastic degree. Informing players of the changes over on Twitter, Respawn relays that Season 5 new arrival Loba, who’s been causing a few issues in-game over the last few weeks due to a wonky tactical ability, has received some fixes to reduce occurrences of unintended behaviour in World’s Edge.

A welcome adjustment, no doubt, but it’s the second tweak that’s going to completely change team strategies in the heat of battle. First introduced last month alongside Apex‘s Lost Treasures Collection event, Mobile Respawn Beacons have now been rolled out to all existing game modes which, for the sake of clarity, includes both ranked and casual playlists for duos and trios.

For those who missed out on giving the feature a try in Lost Treasures, the new tech, just like ordinary respawn beacons, allows players to resurrect fallen team members as long as their banner has been collected. Mobile versions, on the other hand, can be carried in the inventory and used in any outside area on the battlefield, making the often long trek back to a static beacon no longer necessary.

If that sounds a little too overpowered for your liking, it’s worth noting that, while you get to choose where to place the beacon, using it to bring back a teammate will immediately notify other squads of your whereabouts, who will also be able to utilize the system for their own benefit. As of writing, it’s not yet clear if Respawn intends for the change to be a permanent one, though Kings Canyon regulars can likely expect it to stick around for the foreseeable future, at the very least.

Are you a big fan of Apex Legends‘ new respawn system though, or are you hoping for a return to the old ways? Sound off in the usual place below!