Latest Evolve Trailer Switches Gears To Focus On Offline Mode


Ever since its rip-roaring debut, the headlining feature within Turtle Rock Studio’s Evolve has been the game’s unique online mode. Garnering a mountain of praise for its approach to competitive and indeed co-operative gameplay, one of the key tenets within the shooter that has been shielded from the limelight has been the offline mode. At least, until now.

That’s because Turtle Rock’s most recent sizzle reel for the upcoming title is a 22-minute dissection of the single-player mode, showcasing a firefight from both the hunters and the hunted. This offline mode will largely revolve around Evolve‘s Evacuation Mode — essentially the game’s pseudo-campaign — which gives players mini-objectives as they try to evade (or hunt) the opposing party.

Following Evolve‘s most recent open beta, Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton took to the game’s official site to address some concerns regarding balance within the game, stating that:

We expected the balance to be good, but the numbers were closer than we thought. Hunters won the majority of rounds by a 1.5% margin – 51.5% of the time versus Monsters winning 48.5% of the time. That’s crazy-talk in any multiplayer game, much less one that is completely asymmetrical. That validates our process and the team. We couldn’t be happier with those numbers.

On a related note, the studio also drilled home the point that the 4 vs. 1 shooter would run seamlessly on any platform, ensuring that users can expect technical parity when the game releases in a couple of weeks.

Following a prolonged development window, Turtle Rock’s Evolve is now slated to launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 10. For now, let us know if you’re excited to test out the offline mode in the comments section below.

Source: Turtle Rock

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