Latest Evolve Update Targets The Shooter’s Overpowered Monsters

Evolve 5

Turtle Rock has detailed the latest balancing patch coming to Evolve, which aims to target the game’s overpowered monsters.

Available on PC from today, the update is due to make its way onto console platforms — namely Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — at some point next week, likely in tandem with the upcoming Hunters and Monster batch of DLC on March 31. This add-on in particular is available as part of the game’s $24.99 season pass, and will usher in a selection of new playable hunters, along with the Behemoth.

For a full rundown of all of the incoming fixes and tweaks heading to Evolve next week, you can head over to Turtle Rock’s blog. In the meantime, we’ve cherry picked the fixes that apply to the game’s roaming monstrosities.

All Monsters

Minor maintenance and improvements
All monsters can see recent damage on their health bar to help make burst damage visible


Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation.


Cooldown increased by one second.
Reduced knockback magnitude.
Tranq Darts, Stasis Grenades, Harpoons

Pull Kraken down at a consistent rate regardless of whether he is in combat or out of combat. (they used to stack outside of combat)
Kraken’s flight speed is no longer slowed by Tranqs since they pull him to the ground where running speed is affected.


Fixed a bug that was causing Aftershock to not break harpoon traps or Arc Mines.


Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic.