First Batch Of Paid DLC For Evolve Will Bring Four New Hunters, One New Monster

evolve dlc 01

2K Games announced earlier today that the first paid DLC pack for Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve will launch on March 31. The content joins the previously revealed Observer Mode and two additional maps, which will also arrive at the end of the month.

With the planet Shear still overrun with rampaging Monsters, four new Hunters are being called in to lend a hand. Each class will see a new face arrive, and they are certainly a diverse bunch.

The new Hunters are as follows:

  • Torvald: A half-human, half-weapon Assault character. Comes equipped with Back-Mounted Mortar Cannons and a Autofire Shotgun in order to inflict massive-damage up-close.
  • Crow: A Trapper with a pet Batray named Gobi that helps track down Monsters. Wields a Stasis Gun that can help slow down the Monster, as well as a Long Rifle that can blast through armor if charged up.
  • Slim: A Medic who is not quite human, but rather some type of hybrid between man and insect. Has a variety of tools in order to help out the hunters, including a Leech Gun, which drains strength from the Monster, and a Spore Cloud Launcher, which can mask the musk of the hunters.
  • Sunny: One of the original characters created for Evolve, this Support class character is not as dour as her teammates. Comes equipped with Shield Drones, which provide shield support for Hunters, and a Mininuke Grenade Launcher, which is the strongest hand-wielded weapon in the game.

Each of the new Hunters for Evolve is included with the title’s Season Pass, which carries a cost of $24.99. For those that don’t have the Season Pass, the characters can also be purchased separately for $7.49 each.

The previously revealed Behemoth will also finally join the fight in Evolve later this month. As the name implies, this massive foe is one of the biggest Monsters in the game. Behemoth may not have the agility of his counter-parts, but he does possess a devastating rolling attack, and the most health and armor out of any of the previously released Monsters.

Behemoth will be included in the Monster Expansion Pack, which was available for free for gamers who pre-ordered Evolve. For those that didn’t, however, you can pick up the pack for $14.99.

Tell us, are you interested in testing out the new Hunters and Monster in Evolve?