Turtle Rock Responds To Evolve’s DLC Plan In Light Of Player Concern


After detailing the game’s extensive, wholly confusing DLC plan just recently, developer Turtle Rock has moved to defend Evolve‘s tiered expansions after players claimed that the studio had intentionally withheld content to spearhead pre-order numbers.

Taking to the company’s official blog, co-founder Phil Robb assured fans that this was simply not the case, and that none of the recently-revealed DLC content will be completed in time for the game’s launch date in four weeks time.

“If we thought we could have finished all those monsters and hunters for ship we would have put them in the box,” Robb wrote on the Turtle Rock website.

“(Keep in mind, we pretty much have to have the game done about 2-3 months before it’s available to you guys… we can keep fixing bugs and such, but content is locked.) The bundles that include 4th and 5th monsters, hunters, etc., just mean that when they are done and we put ’em out, you get ’em.”

Furthermore, Robb ensured that any of the add-on material won’t be overpowered to make players feel obliged to purchase; rather, all of the content will be balanced as much as possible to ensure a fair and level playing field.

It was alongside the DLC plans that the studio lifted the curtain on the game’s fifth playable monster. Behemoth, a colossal, towering monstrosity is far and away the biggest beast of the bunch, and looks to have a devastating rolling ability coupled with its momentous size. The bigger they are, eh?

Evolve is due to roar onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 10, 2015. Turtle Rock is currently hosting an open beta for the co-op shooter across all platforms, with the testing phase going live first on Xbox One today.