Latest Final Fantasy XV Update Introduces New Game Plus Mode And Much More

‘Tis the season for festive-themed game updates, what with Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto Online, Fallout Shelter and many more indulging in some seasonal shenanigans to mark the occasion. Final Fantasy XV is no different and tomorrow, December 22, Square Enix’s JRPG will receive its first piece of DLC in the form of the Holiday Pack.

On the eve of release, Square has now rolled out update 1.03 for FFXV, which brings with it New Game Plus mode, the ability to frame photos, as well as additional bonus content. It’ll weigh in at just over 3GB across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In terms of New Game Plus mode, it’s understood the free feature will allow users to carry over certain data to an all-new playthrough should they wish to do so. Fair warning: Doing so will overwrite your current save file, and below NeoGAF user rayman1900 has compiled a handy guide of the data that will survive the jump from one file to another.

Your levels
Your weapons, including all arminger weapons
All magic and magic flasks
All previously unlocked skills
All ascension grid previously unlocked
All inventory from NG
All photos, recipe, and fish caught
Gil from NG
AP from NG
Outfits (even Kingsglaive ones)

Final Fantasy XV players can expect the Holiday Pack to go live tomorrow, December 22. It signals the beginning of Square’s post-launch support for the game, what with future updates already in the works. They’ll introduce additional bosses and story improvements at no extra cost, while the premium expansions – expansions included in the JRPG’s Season Pass – will center around each member of Noctis’ party one by one.