Latest Fortnite Patch Brings Back A Fan Favourite Location

Fortnite season 10

Fortnite patch v10.20 has gone live for all platforms, bringing with it an electrifying new gadget as well as drastic changes to Battle Island. As leaked earlier this week, the battle royale’s so-called Zapper Trap is now obtainable in-game, giving fans of indirect and strategic combat more tools to play with. Functioning as a thrown consumable, deploying a Zapper works a little differently to other traps. First and foremost, this gadget has the uncanny ability to automatically build a wall on which to mount itself and will cover both sides of any surface it’s planted on.

As for its properties once the swift 1-second build time is completed – the device does exactly what it says on the tin. Opposing players who stray too close to the Zapper’s domain will be electrocuted for 50 damage if they don’t move out of harm’s way fast enough. To avoid taking any further jolts, you’ll have 2 seconds to flee before the trap resets itself, ready to deliver another burst of energy.

To make the most of the Zapper’s unique nature, you’ll want to venture to a part of the map with high levels of building density and as luck would have it, Epic’s got just the location for you. From today, the fan favourite Floating Island from seasons past has returned.

For those wondering how on Earth a wingless human is meant to scale a floating landmass, it’s simple. The low-gravity vortex situated directly underneath the island will have you hurtling toward the clouds in no time. Barring that, gliding directly to the Floating Island via the Battle Bus or building your own skyscraper are always viable alternatives. However you choose to make the journey, players will be greeted with a familiar sight at its peak in the form of the Motel. Neat.

And that’s a wrap. Be sure to check out the trailer showcasing all of Fortnite‘s latest content below though and we’ll see you out on the battlefield.