Latest Overwatch Comic Shines The Spotlight On Bastion’s Backstory

Given how recognizable the majority of Overwatch‘s colorful cast is, it’s hard to single out just one or two members of its roster that can be considered to be the shooter’s mascot. While Tracer may be close to the top of that theoretical list due to her presence on Overwatch‘s promotional and box art, others, including Widowmaker, Reinhardt and Bastion aren’t far behind, but it’s the latter that Blizzard has opted to go with for with the latest issue in its Binary digital comic series.

Yes, issue eleven is all about the nature-loving robot and the upset he inadvertently causes in a small town somewhere in Sweden upon reactivating. As it turns out, Bastion units aren’t exactly known for their people-friendly qualities, what with their usual programming being tuned combat, but, as we all know by now, this unit is a markedly different from the rest. I won’t spoil the whole story for you – you can read it for yourselves here – but let’s just say that Bastion isn’t the only familiar face featured in the issue. Another Overwatch character is on-hand to steer the fearful locals away from destroying the poor, misunderstood bot.

As an aside, Blizzard touched base with fans earlier this week to confirm that Overwatch would receive more story-related content throughout 2017, with a little something just around the corner. Whether this latest issue of the comic is exactly that, who knows, but it certainly looks to be the case.

Ironic, though, that Bastion is the center of attention for this latest issue – I can’t imagine the character has too many fans right now, what with the recent buffs the character received making him a near-unstoppable killing machine. You could say he’s working as intended, then, but don’t be surprised if Blizzard tones down his power just a tad in a future update.