Latest Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Introduces More Mysterious Ultra Beasts


The latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has been released today, but there’s no new Pokemon reveals to be seen this time around. No, this particular snippet of gameplay is focused entirely on the mysterious Ultra Beasts, powerful entities that don’t, according to the official site, belong to the human or Pokemon category – they’re something else entirely.

Indeed, what they are or how they came to be is an enigma that we imagine won’t be solved until both 3DS titles launch later this year, but that hasn’t stopped The Pokemon Company from introducing more of them.

We already caught a glimpse of the jellyfish-shaped UB-01 in a previous video, but joining it today are UB-02 Expansion and UB-02 Beauty, which you can see in action for yourselves above.

Like the box art legendary Pokemon that are traditionally exclusive to their respective versions, Expansion and Beauty will only be encountered in Sun and Moon respectively, so now you have more than one reason to contemplate which one to buy. That is, of course, assuming you don’t decide to splash the cash and get both.

So, what exactly are these so-called Ultra Beasts, you ask? We honestly have no idea, but early speculation has led to the possible conclusion that these creatures are the result of experiments on humans; hybrids, of some sort. It’s feasible. After all, we have been introduced to a mysterious new group known as the Aether Foundation. Could they be responsible?

We could continue with the conjecture until the sun goes down, but we likely won’t know the truth until November 20, when Pokemon Sun and Moon go on sale. See you then, Trainers.