Latest Resident Evil 7 Teaser Videos Showcase Gunplay And Survival Skills


Capcom has released a duo of new teaser videos for Resident Evil 7, this time focusing on the importance of self defence and survival skills while skulking around the game’s decrepit mansion.

The fifth and sixth entries in the bite-sized video series, these newest snippets of gameplay answer some of the burning questions fans have had in regards to firearms and item management, and continues another theme in the long-running franchise – immortal enemies that just don’t stay dead, no matter how many bullets you riddle their bodies with.

The first trailer (above) shows the player character rummaging through a storage locker to find a medicinal herb, although instead of consuming it to heal up straight away as they would in past games, the mystery protagonist combines the plant with some ‘Chem Fluid’ in order to increase its potency.

Teaser #6 provides another agonizingly small taste of gun combat. The player lets off a few rounds from a pistol before being knocked to the ground. Their assailant seemingly goes down after a follow-up shot, but they promptly get back on their feet afterwards, sporting some new holes in their gut.

The more we see of Resident Evil 7, the more we see it as a return to the classic formula of the original games, only with a first rather than third-person perspective. Assuming that is the case, Capcom could well be onto a winner when the series reboot launches on January 24, 2017.