Launch Trailer Released For The Walking Dead: 400 Days


the walking dead 400 days (1)

The wait for more of Telltale’s excellent episodic series based on The Walking Dead is set to end this week. While the start of the full second season of the choice-based adventure series isn’t due until sometime this autumn, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a standalone episode that will be released as DLC for the first season, is about to start its launch across several consoles, kicking off with the North American PlayStation 3 version as part of tonight’s PlayStation Network update.

To celebrate the release, Telltale has put together a brief trailer showcasing the unique characters and situations players will see in 400 Days. While it doesn’t dole out any huge spoilers, it shows enough to establish that the series’ trademark tension and tough decision-making will be making their return once again.

Also, as part of a promotion, the PlayStation Network service will offer the first episode of Season One, A New Day, for free for an unspecified limited time. It should be noted that this initial episode is required to run 400 Days, so newcomers to the series might want to jump on this offer while the going’s good.

We will have a review up for The Walking Dead: 400 Days very soon. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the DLC or series as a whole in the comments section below.

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