New Leak Reveals Apex Legends Season 4 Map Teasers


Ready yourselves, Apex Legends fans, for a raft of Season 4 teasers are inbound. As always, data miners have been hard at work digging into the battle royale’s files and have returned with a bounty of tantalizing details.

Chief among the discoveries this time around are references to what appear to be several bite-sized in-game events, including start times, duration and even where they’ll take place. In a folder labelled “Non-season events (you can delete these once the event is done!”, references to a ‘Holiday Collection Event’ as well as a ‘January Gamemode Buffet’ can be seen. These undoubtedly pertain to Mirage’s Christmas-themed Holo-Day Bash and the ongoing Grand Soirée events respectively, the latter of which features seven rotating game modes on a 48-hour basis. Sounds like a buffet to us, that’s for sure.

But anyway, we digress. Pinned directly underneath those two occasions are the leaks you’re here for. Check them out via the gallery below.

While both segments highlighted by seasoned data miner Shrugtal likely pertain to Season 4, it’s the latter that makes specific mention of Apex Legends’ upcoming refresh. “Season 4 Teaser Scene in World’s Edge” reads the file name, with January 21st signposted as the intended start. Those that pay close attention to their calendars will recognize that date as being less than 24 hours away, meaning by this time tomorrow, World’s Edge regulars could finally be closer to uncovering the competitive shooter’s next hero.

Judging by leaked concept art discovered last week, the current frontrunners to join Apex Legends‘ existing roster are either Rampart or Forge. Both names fit the mystery individual’s appearance, an image of which you can find over here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a breakdown of Respawn’s first major Apex Legends Season 4 teaser.

Source: Twitter