Leak Suggests Bungie Is Set To Raise Destiny’s Level Cap With The Dark Below DLC


Since Bungie’s shared-world shooter released last month, it didn’t take long before budding Guardians raced past the soft level cap — armed to the teeth with light-infused armour — to peak at level 30. But according to a screenshot posted to Reddit, it seems that artificial ceiling is set to be broken with Destiny’s December DLC, The Dark Below.

Specifically, the information is tethered to a raid known as Crota’s End which will, like the other content found within The Dark Below, take place on the moon. In the vein of other missions of its type, the six-player event will play host to two level SKUs, with the first opening up to players at level 28, and the second scaling past the aforementioned level cap to 32.

Of course, this purported rise has yet to be formally confirmed by Bungie, but given the additional content that is set to weave its way into DestinyThe Dark Below will be followed up by House of Wolves in 2015 — it’s almost inevitable that the studio will raise the maximum level in order to keep players interested.

As expected, The Dark Below expansion will bring with it a host of new weaponry and legendary armour for the game’s three classes — namely Warlock, Hunter and Titan. For more details on the imminent additions to Destiny’s arsenal, you can check out the full list below.


Helmet – Willbreaker’s Watch
Chest – Willbreaker’s Resolve
Gauntlets – Willbreaker’s Fists
Leg – Willbreaker’s Greaves
Mark – Mark of the Pit


Helmet – Deathsinger’s Gaze
Chest – Deathsinger’s Mantle
Gauntlets – Deathsinger’s Grip
Leg – Deathsinger’s Herald
Mark – Bone Circlet


Helmet – Unyielding Casque
Chest – Relentless Harness
Gauntlets – Dogged Gage
Leg – Tireless Striders
Mark – Shroud of Flies

The Dark Below is the first expansion pack for Bungie’s shared-world shooter, and is due to release in December.

Source: Reddit