Leaked Fortnite Intel Teases A New Wall Cannon And Explosive Bow


Curious as to why Fortnite is offline this morning?

Epic Games has scheduled a spell of downtime to lay the necessary foundations for update v8.20, which brings with it poison dart traps, a fiery limited-time mode, and bug fixes aplenty. But it seems Epic still has one or two tricks hidden up its proverbial sleeve.

Per Fortnite Insider, the following data strongly suggests that a Wall Cannon and Explosive Bow will soon make their way into the battle royale arena, where they will no doubt wreak havoc across Snobby Shores, Dusty Divot, and everywhere in between. Embedded below, you’ll notice that the ember skin has been applied to the bow and arrow, while the Wall Cannon trap is certain to be a fan-favorite.

These images come to us by way of HYPEX, a known Fortnite leaker, who looks to have pulled this data from the v8.20 update file. It’s due to go live later today, meaning you’ll have all weekend to experiment with Fortnite‘s new additions. Alas, no further information was revealed at this time, so we’ll have to wait until Epic Games flips the switch to find out whether the Wall Cannon and that Explosive Bow made the cut, or if they’re simply concept designs that have been kicking around for the past number of weeks. Chances are it’s the former.

With season 8 already well underway, Fortnite is beginning to fire on all cylinders, and this patch is just the latest example of Epic Games fine-tuning the player experience. Among the new additions include cosmetic items and a Lava Legends pack, the latter of which will no doubt complement the ‘Floor is Lava’ limited-time mode that’s about to send players into a tizzy.

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