Epic Reveals Huge List Of Changes Coming To Fortnite With Patch V8.20


Epic Games continues its commitment to keeping Fortnite in tip-top shape with an extensive session of spring cleaning. Patch v8.20 is due to go live in-game tomorrow, bringing with it a whole host of balance changes and bug fixes, including several aimed specifically toward tightening the mechanics around player-made traps.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be worth singling out, but thanks to an early teaser courtesy of an update posted to Fortnite‘s in-game news feed, a new ‘Poison Trap’ item is due to arrive in the near future. It makes sense, then, that Epic wants to ensure all goes swimmingly when the new addition goes live, but those are far from the only noticeable tweaks being made.

Courtesy of Epic’s own community coordinator Sean Hamilton, the entire list of proposed changes are available to peruse over on Reddit, and they include welcome adjustments to the Baller vehicle, Season 8 exclusive pirate cannons and a particularly frustrating issue concerning squad preferences. Players had previously reported a bug preventing the game from remembering said preferences between sessions, an irritant that, assuming all goes well, will be stamped out when the patch goes live.

To err on the side of caution, Hamilton warns that last-minute problems out of the developer’s control could prevent some of the listed changes from making it into v8.20, so don’t be surprised if a particularly egregious bug persists despite Epic’s efforts. As far as new content is concerned, we’ll no doubt have to wait until patch day for any potential additions, though it’s hardly a stretch to assume that Fortnite‘s latest Limited-Time Mode, The Floor Is Lava, will accompany the above. If this is your first time hearing of the perilous-sounding event, just know that building skills will likely play a pivotal role in preventing your death by hellishly-hot magma. Good luck!

Source: Reddit