Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 Challenge: Here’s Every Spawn Location For The Baller


A whole host of unconventional vehicles and gadgets have made their way into Fortnite over the last several months. One of those is the widely-celebrated Driftboard introduced in Season 7 that fans of Epic Games’ battle royale have grown quite accustomed to since its arrival. Such is the wheelless skateboard’s popularity, in fact, that some fans have flocked to Reddit in order to request that it stay throughout Season 8 and not get pushed out by other new additions. Epic has so far stopped short of promising its permanence but has confirmed that it’ll remain for the immediate future as an alternate form of travel alongside the titular Baller.

The latter, which is best described as a fragile glass ball (not dissimilar to Jurassic World‘s fictional mode of transport), can only be piloted by a single player and features a handy grappling hook attachment to facilitate map traversal. It’s this particular vehicle that Battle Island visitors will be on the lookout for over the next several days, as the latest round of weekly challenges to go live in Season 8 requires that players find and use one in five different matches.

As a general rule of thumb, searching outposts and camps will be the most efficient method of finding the spherical device, but if your search has so far proved fruitless, see the map below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider, handily singling out each spawn location.

That should be all the help you need to tick off one of the trickier challenges included with Season 8’s fourth batch, though as always, there’s every possibility for enemy players to show up and throw a spanner in the works, so be on your guard.

As for the remainder of Fortnite Season 8’s Week 4 challenges, we’ve already put together a handy catch-all guide for everything standing between you and another windfall of those lucrative Battle Stars, and you can see here for all the details.