Fortnite Season 8 Adding New Limited-Time Mode The Floor Is Lava


Fortnite players will soon be tip-toeing on debris in order to survive a volcano eruption, it seems. Developer Epic Games recently updated the battle royale title’s in-game news feed with an image appearing to depict as such, with two survivors standing atop a player-made tower as a means of avoiding what I can only imagine would be an agonizing, very sweaty, death.

Though Epic has in the past, added special live events to Fortnite‘s main mode of play, this time around the apocalyptic scenario will be part of a separate Limited-Time Mode aptly-named The Floor Is Lava. Specific details and official start date are still forthcoming, though judging by the ‘Coming Soon!’ banner (see below) adorning one of the announcements, players shouldn’t have long to wait.

Limited-Time Modes are traditionally an avenue for the folks at Epic Games to pursue a wackier method of game design where concerns in regards to balance aren’t necessary. Modifiers like low gravity, one-hit kills and increased vehicle/weapon spawns are just some of the alternative ways to play to have come and gone other the last several months and the latest addition looks set to best those in every regard. Assuredly as a result of the volcano added with Season 8 erupting, The Floor Is Lava will task daring players with surviving Battle Island submerging in the red stuff by either seeking out the highest points of the map, or building their way to safety.

Chances are, the lava flow will begin with a trickle – allowing participants time to gather the necessary resources for building – and progress into a tidal wave to act as a pseudo ‘blue’ zone funneling players into an ever-increasing tight spot. Whatever the rules end up being, expect Epic to shed more light on the matter next week. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to finish out Fortnite Season 8’s Week 4 challenges, you can find some help right here.

Source: Twitter