Leaked Image Suggests Comet: Plague Of Darkness Is Destiny’s Third Expansion



Reddit has unearthed an unofficial image that seemingly reveals Bungie’s expansion plans for Destiny post-House of Wolves.

Following up on the recently-released The Dark Below, Wolves is the second DLC pack for the studio’s shared-world shooter and is poised to release at some point in the spring. Although, given how Activision has long made its ten-year plan for Destiny clear, it should come as no surprise that the publisher and developing team have been mapping out future content even at this stage.

Today’s tidbit is our first hint at what lies in store for budding Guardians further down the lines. First picked up by the game’s subreddit, the image above was purportedly taken during an internal meeting and contains details relating to an array of upcoming content. First up, the aforementioned House of Wolves expansion has allegedly been slated to release on March 10th, 2015 — a Tuesday, which lends credence to this image actually being accurate — and will introduce three new story-centric missions along with a strike and raid to boot.

Further down the timeline we have Comet: Plague of Darkness, which is being labelled as the third post-launch expansion that will make its bow in September of this year. Such is the size of this DLC in particular that Bungie will reportedly release it physically as well as digitally, which aligns with the studio’s early development plans to release a mammoth expansion and full-sized game every other year. As a matter of fact (well, depending on how much you want to believe this image), Plague of Darkness will also introduce a new playable area in the form of a Hive ship.

And finally, we have the fourth expansion in the form of Forge of Gods, which will likely be held until January 2016 if Comet makes its arrival in September as the document suggests. It’s a little difficult to make out the fine print, but from the looks of things, Bungie looks set to give each Destiny class a new subclass in the near future too, which would explain the currently vacant slot on your character screen — be they Hunter, Warlock or Titan.

Tell us, what do you make of this purported DLC plan? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Reddit

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