Leaked Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Walkthrough From Behind E3’s Closed Doors

During June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, David Cage of Quantic Dream walked privileged gaming journalists through a lengthy gameplay segment from Beyond: Two Souls. Now, thanks to an Internet leak, we have that video for your viewing pleasure, allowing you to take a look at how the much talked-about game plays out.

At certain points during this board room presentation, the main character’s abilities are displayed in visceral fashion. Watch as she analyzes and interacts with enemies based on their coloured auras, and also take note of how she is able to push matter. Both mechanics feature on-screen icons that seem to represent the DualShock 3 controller’s two joysticks, hinting that the interesting control scheme will provide a great amount of freedom.

Check it out below.

Thanks to DvLZGame.

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