Leaked Survey Points To One “Last Adventure” For Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition Expansion


It seems that BioWare isn’t ready to call it quits on Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s story. According to a leaked survey posted over on Reddit, the acclaimed developer is currently sending out the feelers for an all-new expansion following the release of Jaws of Hakkon late last month, and already fans have begun to stipulate on the direction said DLC could take.

Alas, news of BioWare’s ambition to continue with Inquisition‘s sprawling narrative should come as no surprise, after the studio said as much in an interview at the beginning of June. However, this appears to be the final post-launch content pack, with the survey referring to the nebulous add-on as “a last adventure” whilst simultaneously acting as “your next mission.” Eagled-eyed users have deduced that this excursion will revolve around the fate of the inquisition, and unless you’re fully up-to-date with the lore of the RPG, we’d advise against reading on.


Still with us? Great! After wrapping up the core storyline of Dragon Age: Inquisition, which involved your protagonist closing the Breach in the sky and introducing a time of peace to the realm of Thedas, BioWare’s latest expansion will have you lock horns with “the one who started it all.” Again, ardent followers of the series point to the Inquisition and its connection to the Fade, an underlying and ancient magic that will effectively bring about a whole new wave of enemies. We will of course find out more about this mysterious DLC in due time, but we’re already cautiously optimistic about what BioWare has in store.

Here’s a list of the features set to be introduced.

“Test your mettle against the full force of the disciplined and battle-hardened Qunari army”
“Explore diverse, new areas as you fight the threat across the whole of Thedas”
“Uncover secrets of the Fade that will change your understanding of the world as you know it”
“Prove your skill with a new, optional gameplay mode that challenges even the most seasoned veteran”

Dragon Age: Inquisition and its maiden expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, are currently available across all platforms. But what do you think of the RPG’s latest add-on?

Source: Reddit