Legendary director John Carpenter is praising ‘Halo Infinite,’ and so is Elon Musk

halo infinite

Few Hollywood directors really engage with the video game industry as an art form, or even just an economic powerhouse. John Carpenter, the legendary horror filmmaker, is an exception to this and has always been an avid fan of the medium.

It was Carpenter’s son who actually introduced him to the interactive world of video games in the 90s. “My son would play as he was growing up and introduced me to various games and I went through the gamut,” He told the media back in 2017. Carpenter is also credited as a narrator and story consultant on the survival shooter game F.E.A.R. 3.

Now, it appears that the director is keeping himself busy with the latest Halo Infinite on Xbox, and he’s absolutely loving the experience, calling it the “best of the Halo series.”

As you’d expect, the internet was quick to respond to Carpenter’s praise, and even Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg chimed in with a reaction of his own, saying, “What an amazing tweet from a creative legend.”

Bonnie Ross, who heads Halo developer 343 Industries, also thanked the director for his kind words, writing: “This is now a dream! Phew. Time to rewatch Prince of Darkness. Thank you for spending your creative time in our world.”

And who knew that even Elon Musk is a fan of the new Halo game? The entrepreneur took the time to respond to Carpenter’s tweet with one of his own:

It seems that critics and creatives alike are raving about Halo Infinite, so it’s definitely worth a shot. That is, if you’ve aren’t already playing it!

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