Limited-Time Apex Legends Event Gives You Free Battle Pass Levels


Apex Legends isn’t in the best of places right now, it’s true, but it appears Respawn isn’t about to give up anytime soon. Though a far cry from the weekly updates Epic Games pushes out for Fortnite, Apex does receive semi-regular patches of its own, and while the latest batch of changes to make it in-game don’t introduce any new content per se, there’s plenty here to digest. We’ve already covered the majority of balance tweaks that patch 1.1.1 has to offer, but in case you missed the drastic changes made to underperforming characters like Caustic and Gibraltar, head through here for the full rundown.

As for the remaining chops and changes, most deal with weapon adjustments and bug fixes, though it’s the small notice sitting at the very bottom that’s likely to generate the most excitement. Starting yesterday and running through to April 18th, Respawn is running a Battle Pass XP bonus event that should prove a tremendous help for players struggling to rank up before Season 1 reaches its end.

In order to reap the rewards on offer, you’ll have to achieve a top 5 finish in a single match. The feat could prove tough if you’re unfortunate enough to be matched with top-tier players, but a touch of persistence should pay off. However you go about meeting the requirement, you (and your squad) will each be awarded an entire Battle Pass level for free. This can only be repeated once a day up to a maximum of three days, but three free levels are certainly nothing to scoff at.

Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier and its associated Battle Pass are due to conclude sometime in June, meaning players shooting for the end point of rank 110 have roughly two months to get the job done. Respawn promises further Battle Pass XP bonuses to come but in the meantime, check out the handy infographic below for tips on how to best maximize your gains. Good luck!

Source: Reddit

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