This Simple Fix Could Make Apex Legends’ Gibraltar And Caustic Much Better Characters


Certain members of Apex Legends‘ diverse cast are currently suffering from a sad case of unpopularity and fans are taking it into their own hands to propose a fix. Maintaining perfect balance in any competitive video game is, quite frankly, an unachievable pipe dream, (just ask Blizzard’s Overwatch team), but does that mean developers should simply not put in the effort to maintain some semblance of equilibrium at all? Of course not, and to its credit, Respawn has rolled out several balance patches since Apex‘s launch back in February, but two particular characters are still in dire need of some TLC.

Both Caustic and Gibraltar, the two largest members of Apex Legends‘ existing cast, continue to lose out on enjoying the action, not just due to their increased size and subsequent hitboxes, but because of their speed. The latter attribute, in particular, currently defines the ongoing metagame in Kings Canyon, with Bangalore and Octane – both characters with speed-manipulating abilities – predictably considered top-tier because of it. That being the case, one fan has come up with their own proposal that could help not only diversify team compositions but how each Legend feels to play.

A Reddit thread posted by TerminaV suggests that both Gibraltar and Caustic should receive a new passive ability that prevents a reduction in movement speed while under fire. Presently, said speed reduction affects all Legends, regardless of their agility, but giving both aforementioned characters a free pass would not only make sense in a flavourful way (they’re big dudes), but a gameplay one, too.

As of writing, TerminaV’s suggestion has in excess of 29,000 upvotes, clearly indicating a general desire for the two heavyweights to receive a second pass. Fingers crossed that Respawn already has a remedy for Apex Legends‘ two most underplayed characters in the works. There’s plenty of fans eager to provide input if not.

Source: Reddit