Counter Caustic’s Gas Traps In Apex Legends With This Simple Trick


If, like me, you consider yourself to be an Apex Legends novice, you’ll be pleased to hear that help is on the way. Because in the unforgiving world of battle royale, death is always imminent it seems. Especially if someone has laid one of Caustic’s deadly Gas Traps and is mowing people down left and right.

Yes, a lot of folks continue to find themselves facing these around the map but now, we’ve got a simple way to counter them, which should make your time in Kings Canyon a bit easier. Of course, you can always shoot them from a distance, but that will just block off the area for a certain amount of time as the gas seeps out.

Instead, you should shoot the trap near the bottom, where the red part is. That will actually destroy it, rather than detonating it and releasing the gas, which is what happens if you shoot the top part. As for Caustic’s Ultimate Ability, well, if you find yourself facing that, you’re probably somewhat screwed and we suggest you run as fast as you can to get out of the affected area. But at least you’ve now got a way to counter those pesky Gas Traps.

And speaking of combat in Kings Canyon, we recently caught word that Respawn is planning on bringing us another new character as well as a new weapon and two new items over the next month or two, as they’ll all arrive as part of the Season 1 batch of content. Exact details on what’s being planned for us still haven’t been divulged by the developer, but we should learn more soon.

In the meantime, be sure to try out this nifty little trick the next time you encounter Caustic’s Gas Traps in Apex Legends and feel free to leave a comment here afterwards letting us know if it helped you out at all.

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