Apex Legends Season 1 Will Be Adding Two Innovative New Items


Apex Legends is already chock-full of guns, gadgets and grenades for soldiers sky-diving into King’s Canyon to get their hands on, but Respawn Entertainment is a far cry away from drawing a line in the sand as far as new additions are concerned. After all, just one new gun, the Havoc Rifle, has been introduced since the Battle Royale’s title’s launch back in February and if Respawn wishes for the community-dictated metagame not to stagnate less than two months in, it’ll assuredly be working on creating new tools of the killing trade behind closed doors as you read these words.

Taking a brief diversion to Fortnite for just a moment, Epic Games has successfully managed to keep players second-guessing what weapons and gear they should keep on their person by continually adding new options like the Flint-Knock pistol implemented recently. Granted, Apex is much younger and, so far at least, has been able to hold off on making any drastic changes, but the current state of play won’t last forever. For that reason more than any other, it’s with open arms that we welcome the news that Respawn is currently working on not just a new character, but weapon too, and that’s not all.

As part of an update to Apex Legends‘ PlayStation 4 product page, the description for Season 1: Wild Frontier stipulates that two new items that will offer something “new and innovative to the strategic mix,” are also on the cards. What that statement alludes to is anyone’s guess, but it’s not unlikely that it’s referencing the introduction of new gadgets to facilitate the journey towards being crowned champion.

Several previous leaks appear to support that suspicion too, with the four-legged frag drone from Titanfall 2, as well as the titular robots themselves, receiving a nod for potential future inclusion. The latter might be a stretch, but AI-controlled, mobile bombs could certainly find a place into Apex Legends‘ addictive gameplay loop. Either way, it’s impossible to say for sure, at least until Respawn decides to share more.

Until that time, why not let us know in the comments below what sort of new items you’d like to see added to Apex Legends?

Source: PlayStation