Apex Legends Season 1 Will Add A New Weapon Soon


Respawn Entertainment’s first crack at the seasonal content delivery model in Apex Legends hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms. Compared to other battle royale titles (Epic Games’ Fortnite, in particular) Season 1: Wild Frontier has attracted criticism since launch for its apparent lack of a suitably-sized carrot to chase. Besides a handful of new character skins – most of which only look vaguely different to each respective character’s default costume – and weapon skins, the bulk of rewards making up Apex Legends‘ initial Battle Pass are mildly interesting stat trackers, badges and banners featuring little aesthetic differences from each other.

Excellent alternate skins for new character Octane and the rank 100 evolving weapon skin for the Havoc Rifle, then, are the standout rewards awaiting those who have already dropped a large amount of Apex Coins on the bundle, but is that really all that the player base can look forward to over the next several weeks? Well, not quite.

According to the updated product page for Apex Legends Season 1 over on the official PlayStation site, more content is scheduled to come over the course of the next few months. One of those updates will contain another new character to sit alongside Octane on the roster while the other will introduce a brand new weapon. Beyond confirmation that Respawn is hard at work on expanding Apex Legends‘ existing armory, we’ve not even the faintest inclination of what the mystery weapon might be, though there’s still plenty of ordnance present in Titanfall 2 that’s yet to have made the jump to Respawn’s battle royale title.

The same page also makes vague mention of two new items to be introduced during Wild Frontier that will “offer something new and innovative to the strategic mix.” A hint towards new gadgets, perhaps? We’ll see, but there’s certainly plenty of existing evidence to support that train of thought. Stay tuned.

Source: PlayStation