Latest Apex Legends Leak Hints At A New Frag Drone Gadget


A new threat to keep players on their toes could soon be heading to Apex Legends, according to the latest round of leaks. As usual, those devoted to data-mining every new update and patch developer Respawn Entertainment rolls out for its battle royale title have happened upon an interesting discovery involving a rather deadly type of explosive.

References to the Tick, a four-legged robot mounted with high-yield ordnance, have been dredged up from the depths of Apex Legends files, indicating that the miniature menace could soon be rearing its bulbous head in-game.  If the boom bots pictured below look familiar, that’s because they’re already present in another of Respawn’s games, Titanfall 2. Either via its criminally underrated single-player campaign or various multiplayer modes, former Pilots will know all too well the explosive punch each Tick packs, not to mention the difficulty of escaping their relentless pursuit.

As mentioned by the leaker, files referencing the gadget hail from the same one naming Titanfall 2‘s Havoc Rifle which, as we all know, has since been ported over to Apex Legends. Is that concrete proof that the Tick will soon make the jump, too? Not at all, but it’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility. It’s worth reiterating, however, that Respawn has previously warned against reading too much into the various rumors popping up online, so take this latest news with a healthy pinch of salt.

Whatever the reality, we’ll surely find out in the near future, but for now, Respawn’s latest creation is providing plenty of reason for players new and old to get stuck in. And that’s because today marked the start of Apex Legendsfirst ever season, bringing with it a brand new Battle Pass and new character Octane.

Source: Twitter

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