Lindsay Lohan Hits Grand Theft Auto V With A Harsher Lawsuit

grand theft auto v confirmed spring 2013 slider

Way back on July 3rd, we reported that broken down celebrity Lindsay Lohan was filing a lawsuit against Rockstar Games because an anorexic supporting character addicted to drugs in Grand Theft Auto V resembled her. Of course, none of us probably thought of Lindsay Lohan while interacting with the Lacey Jonas persona. The actress is completely delusional and willing to do anything to remain in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Rockstar developers probably took turns wiping their ass with the lawsuit.

Now, however, Lohan has upped the pressure on her original lawsuit, twisting the once 10-page document into a whopping 67-page folder of garbage. She has even changed her story, and is now saying that Rockstar used her likeliness on the cover of the video game without her permission. Yes, Lindsay Lohan is claiming that the bikini-clad model on the cover of the Grand Theft Auto V box-art that ever so clearly resembles Kate Upton, is actually based off of a picture she took of herself in 2007. I really hate being rude and blunt, but this woman is completely insane and out of her mind.

These publicity stunts aren’t anything new for the actress, as Lindsay Lohan has also sued E-Trade for a milk commercial featuring an addicted baby named Lindsay, and rapper Pitbull for directly referencing her negatively in lyrics to a song. Everything she does centers on grabbing attention, and it has gone way past the point of pathetic. She even went nude in last year’s direct-to-DVD film The Canyons, which drew no response whatsoever considering that she has destroyed her body with drugs to the point where seeing her topless isn’t marketable.

For crying out loud Lindsay, quit your freaking whining and attempt to integrate yourself back into society as a normal person. Until then, the rest of us will just buy games that allegedly wrongfully use your likeliness, like Grand Theft Auto V.