Lords Of The Fallen Studio Deck 13 Will Unveil Sci-Fi RPG At Gamescom


Early last month during the throes of E3, Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 announced that it was working on an all-new, yet-to-be-revealed IP that reportedly boasts sci-fi elements. Set in a dystopian future, it’s understood that the project itself is still incubating in the nascent stages of development, and though fans of the studio will understandably find that disappointing, they can now take solace in the fact that Gamescom will herald new information about the project.

News comes by way of Videogamer, who reports that while it’s still too early in the game’s development cycle to warrant a trailer, publisher Focus Home Interactive will detail elements of Deck 13’s “premium action RPG” to the press. Featuring “innovative combat mechanics” and an “original character progression system,” there’s certainly reason to be excited for the studio’s latest outing, even though details are currently scant on the ground.


Back when the project was first teased, Focus Home and Deck 13 unveiled a dark screenshot that appears to hint at some form of futuristic weaponry and/or a human that has been mechanically enhanced. The jury’s still out on whether this is a case, but gaming’s hot-button trend for a dystopian future lately has been synonymous with these tropes.

Here’s the official statement from the publisher when the above image debuted a few weeks ago:

“We are ecstatic to announce this new partnership with one of the very best independent European development studios,” Focus Home managing partner Cedric Lagarrigue said in a statement. “We’ve been excited by Deck 13’s new project since our first exchange with them, and as we’ve just got through the pre-production phase, we’re fully convinced by their capacities to deliver one of the most exciting RPGs to come in the future.”

Leaving the fantastical setting of Lords of the Fallen behind, venturing into uncharted territory has meant that Deck 13 won’t be involved in the RPG’s sequel, who will instead pass the torch onto CI Games.

Source: Videogamer