Check Out This Lost Planet 3 Monologue Trailer And You Might Want To Play The Game More… Maybe

Lost Planet 3 Grrrr

Alright, I may be grasping at straws here – I’ve taken a quick look around the internet and haven’t been able to find much optimism, excitement, or positivity in any form really, when it comes to Lost Planet 3. Fans of the series seem to have lost hope, complaining of Capcom’s negligence and willingness to dish the series off to industry goofballs Spark Unlimited. On the other hand, folks who have never been fans cite the franchise’s exceedingly average MetaCritic and GameRankings composites, insisting that the series was never good in the first place.

Now, my feeling is that both camps have a point – the first game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, was undoubtedly flawed, but showed plenty of promise as a fledgling IP. It was praised quite highly by some critics at its best, and simply tolerated at its worst – you might say it was a Batman Begins type entry. Unlike the acclaimed superhero films, though, the second entry Lost Planet 2 proved disappointing, testing fans patience and bolstering the arguments of naysayers. Now, as of this writing I’m slated to review the third game, Lost Planet 3, this August. I want to like it. And don’t worry, I will truly try to like it. But trailers like this one, featuring exasperatingly silly soliloquy from Bear Grylls and Nic Cage lovechild protagonist Jim Peyton, really aren’t making it any easier. Take a look.

I don’t mean to be too negative – I still hold out hope for the thrills of exploration and yes, survival that Lost Planet 3 may provide. In fact, some of the gameplay trailers shown up to this point look genuinely fun. I haven’t given up, and Lost Planet 3 will still be given its fair day in court. I may just have to avoid any new trailers that come out between now and its August release, that’s all.