Mafia III Is 2K’s Fastest-Selling Game Ever; 4.5 Million Units Shipped Since Launch

Action-adventure sequel Mafia III has been officially labelled the fastest-selling game in 2K’s history. The news was revealed as part of parent company Take-Two’s most recent investor relations report (via VideoGamer), with the publisher stating, “developed by Hangar 12, Mafia III is the fastest-selling game in 2K’s history, generating week one sell-in of more than 4.5. million units.”

The figure, while impressive, only accounts for copies of the game sold through to retailers rather than consumers, so it’s not entirely clear how many units actually sit in the hands of players rather in the back of a stockroom.

Either way, the strong sales performance comes as somewhat of a surprise, what with the backlash 2K received over a certain version of Mafia III. For those unaware, it emerged following launch that the frame rate of the PC version was locked to 30, leading many irate buyers to flood the game’s Steam page with less-than-stellar reviews. 2K issued a statement shortly thereafter, promising to unlock the frame rate in a future patch.

Mafia III is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A PS4 Pro version will be available alongside the console’s launch on November 10. If you’ve yet to pick up the third instalment in the series, see here for our review.