Magic: The Gathering Adding Godzilla Lands With Next Secret Lair Release

Magic the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is set to continue its partnership with Japanese film company Toho in the near future with a series of exclusive Magic: The Gathering cards featuring a certain King of the Monsters.

Making his debut in the CCG earlier this month alongside the release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Godzilla – as well as other larger-than-life creatures such as Mothra – is currently only obtainable as an alternate Card Style in MTG Arena. Upon Ikoria‘s long-awaited tabletop launch (repeatedly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic), however, players will be able to pull Godzilla and friends as standalone cards from booster boxes, though collecting them all won’t be so easy without incurring substantial import costs.

In addition to the above, Wizards has just announced that a new Secret Lair Drop – special edition releases that are only available for pre-order over a 24-hour period – boasting gorgeous art of the monster are on the way. You can check out each of the five lands for yourselves via the gallery below.

As for how one goes about getting their hands on these so-called Godzilla lands, pre-orders for the set are due to open next month, May 7th, and can be yours for $29.99. In order to combat resales on the secondary market, Wizards is limiting the number of units available for each customer to 15, though those concerned about availability needn’t be. As long as you get your pre-order in before May 8th, your purchase will be guaranteed.

As is the case with most physical MTG products as of late, Wizards is unable to provide a concrete shipping date at this time, though promises to provide further updates as and when the opportunity allows.

Magic: The Gathering – Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is available now for MTG Arena and May 15th for physical formats.