Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Code Gives Players Free XP

Magic: the Gathering

The return of several popular events in Magic: The Gathering Arena over the weekend didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Historic Brawl, in particular, a limited-time mode that rotates in and out of play on a regular basis, triggered a massive influx of players eager to test their deckbuilding skills against others, resulting in major server issues. Indeed, users unable to log in migrated over to Twitter in order to vent their frustrations, many of whom repeatedly criticized Wizards of the Coast for failing to account for the format’s huge following.

For those not aware, Brawl is a hybrid of sorts between Standard and Commander, combining the ‘one-of’ and 60-card deck restrictions respectively to create what is essentially a more accessible version of the latter. Historic, on the other hand, refers to the Arena-exclusive mode which allows for the use of any card ever ‘printed’ for the digital version of Magic.

Aware of the fact that affected players will have missed out on potential XP rewards, the developer has attempted to compromise by releasing a universal code. By redeeming “ExperimentalOverload” either in-game or through a Wizards account, you’ll be granted 2000 XP to help get you back on track. It would seem as though anyone, even those not affected by the downtime, can input the phrase for a non-negligible boost to their seasonal progress, too, so be sure to take advantage of the offer. Do note that no mention of an expiry date has been made, but we’d recommend capitalizing on this freebie ASAP.

In lighter Magic: The Gathering news, an initial batch of cards due to release with Dungeons & Dragons crossover expansion, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, was recently revealed. Check them out over here.