Magic: The Gathering Reveals First Look At Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Expansion

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering players are in for a treat this summer with the release of Standard format’s next expansion.

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will mark the first-ever meeting between two of tabletop gaming’s biggest franchises, taking the form of a full-sized set filled with characters and experiences from the latter’s most well-known setting. While the highly anticipated crossover product isn’t due to launch in full until July, Wizards has now taken the opportunity to whet fans’ appetites with a handful of awesome-looking previews.

Dragons, demons and angels from legend are all accounted for here and even basic land cards have received some flavorful text to evoke the feeling of adventure each time one is placed on the playing field. And you can check out the teasers for yourself below.

As is now common practice for all new Magic releases, Forgotten Realms will ship in several different varieties, including standard draft boxes, set boosters and premium Collector’s bundles.

While confirmation is still forthcoming with regard to which card styles can be found in which product, we’re willing to bet that the striking art used for Baleful Beholder – dubbed the classic rulebook frame – will likely only be opened in the latter, inevitably leading to a massively inflated price on the secondary market. Magic: The Gathering – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms launches July 23rd for physical and July 8th for MTG: Arena/Online, with card reveal season scheduled to officially kick off next month, on June 29th.

For those with little to no interest in Standard rules, a sequel expansion to 2019’s popular Modern Horizons is also on course to debut in just a few weeks’ time. Hit the link below for more details.