Magic: The Gathering Cards Stolen From Store By Sword-Wielding Man

Magic: the Gathering

Police in British Columbia, Canada are on the hunt for an unidentified man after he allegedly stole Magic: The Gathering cards from a local store.

In a post over on Facebook, New Westminster-based T&N Games shared several pictures of who’s believed to be the perpetrator, mockingly calling them their “customer of the day.” “This fine, upstanding citizen shoplifted a number of Magic bundles,” the post continues, adding that the degenerate eventually pulled out a machete when staff decided to confront and question his actions. Described by authorities as a white man between the ages of 20 and 40-years-old and notably wearing a red and yellow face mask adorned with what appears to a logo of DC’s The Flash, the thief also had a bandage on their left hand and was carrying a blue Costco cooler bag at the time of the robbery.

Police are asking members of the public either in-store or in the surrounding area at the time to get in touch with any information that could prove vital to the search, be it by contacting T&N Games or directly calling the New Westminster Police Department.

While Magic cards might sound like a strange commodity to be targeted by thieves, it’s worth noting that some of the long-running game’s rarest cards often sell at auction for obscene amounts of money. Earlier this week, for example, a pristine condition Black Lotus sold on eBay for over $500,000. We imagine it unlikely, of course, that any store would have something so rare sitting out in the open, but low-level crime isn’t exactly a profession known to attract people with more than a handful of brain cells.

In lighter news, Magic: The Gathering‘s latest Standard set, Kaldheim, is now available for tabletop and digital formats. See here for more details.