Magic: The Gathering Reveals Exclusive Cards For Love Your LGS Promotion

Magic: The Gathering

Local game stores struggling to keep themselves afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic have been offered a helping hand by Wizards of the Coast in the form of a neat Magic: The Gathering promotion.

While non-essential brick and mortar shops remain closed in many places around the world due to strict social distancing measures, many remain in operation either online or via collection services, though sadly, there isn’t an alternative for everything. Businesses have been forced to cancel in-store competitions and tournaments as well as pre-release events for new sets, issues only compounded further by delays to Magic‘s latest Standard set, Ikora: Lair of Behemoths.

As a means of attempting to offset some of these unfortunate developments, Wizards has revealed some exclusive cards that you’ll only be able to find by shopping locally. There are two to collect in all and you can check them out below.

As the image outlines, purchase any Magic-related product at an LGS and you’ll receive a holofoil Reliquary Tower promo card. If you’ve got a little extra cash to burn, picking up any booster box will add a Mechagodzilla, Battle Fortress card to your collection, though only while stocks last. It’s worth noting, too, should you be interested in taking Wizards up on its offer, that each is limited to one per customer, so don’t expect to see many pop up on the secondary market when the promotion begins on June 5th.

In other news, the latest revision to Magic: The Gathering‘s Banned & Restricted list was revealed earlier this week, confirming the removal of several Ikoria cards from Legacy formats. See here for all the details.