Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Planeswalker And More For Core 2021


Wizards of the Coast’s countdown to Magic: The Gathering‘s next set release is well and truly underway.

Due to release later this month for Arena and a week later for traditional tabletop, Core 2021 is already promising to cause a massive reshuffle of the current Standard meta. There are still a few weeks to go until the cards finally find their way into players’ hands, of course, meaning we’ve seen but a fraction of the entire set, but even at this early stage, Wizards certainly seems dead set on making this mid-year expansion one to remember.

Reprints of old, extremely sought-after cards such as Grim Tutor and Ugin, Spirit Dragon are just some of those powerhouses already revealed, with brand new additions such as Mangara, the Diplomat already proving to be a hot topic among fans of white decks. As for today’s reveals, on the other hand, you can check them all out via the gallery below.

For those unable to read Japanese, the blue Sorcery depicted above is called See the Truth, which, when cast, allows the user to look at the top three cards of their library and choose one to place in their hand. The remaining two cards are then placed at the bottom of your deck, with the exception being if See the Truth was cast anywhere besides from your hand. In such instances, all three are kept.

A potentially powerful draw engine in the right deck, though blue archetypes aren’t exactly known to struggle when it comes to reloading their user’s hand with fresh draws, so we’ll see if this particular tool manages to make the cut post-release. Chandra, Heart of Fire and Chandra’s Incinerator, however, require no such analysis. Both are shoo-ins for hyper-aggressive mono-red decks that’ll no doubt receive more support in upcoming reveals. That’s your lot in terms of new reveals, then, though if you consider yourself a diehard fan of Magic: The Gathering‘s fiery enchantress, it might be worth your time to check out the latest Signature Spellbook bundle coming soon featuring yours truly. See here for all the details.