Magic: The Gathering Reveals Powerful Legendary Creature For Commander Legends

Magic: the Gathering

Preview season for Magic: The Gathering set Commander Legends continues apace today.

While many of the cards coming with the highly anticipated expansion have so far been revealed by influencers and other outlets, Wizards of the Coast has been steadily releasing its own stream through official channels, the latest addition to which has stirred up huge excitement among fans of a particular multicolored archetype. Similarly to decks consisting exclusively of two color types, tri (or multicolored, as both are colloquially referred to) variants, as the name suggests, utilize three separate mana types to cast unique creatures and spells.

The trade off for having access to a wider card pool, of course, is the inconsistency that comes with requiring multiple land types to play a single card (reliably drawing the correct mana color in early game scenarios can often make the difference between victory and defeat), though these typically boast far more powerful abilities to compensate. Case in point: Archelos, Lagoon Mystic. The four-cost legendary creature is sure to find a home in many Sultai (black, green, blue) decks when Commander Legends arrives.

Check out the Turtle Shaman for yourself below:

Archelos may not seem particularly exceptional at first glance, but it’s worth noting that his ability – forcing other permanents to mimic his tapped/untapped status when entering the battlefield – applies to every player in a match. That being the case, then, those opting to make Archelos their chosen commander can force an opponent to not only rethink their play order, but throw a spanner in the works for their win condition. Such effects have traditionally been incredibly powerful across every Magic: The Gathering format, and we expect, in this instance, a similar outcome.

Commander Legends drops next month, November 20th, for tabletop and Online. See here for previous card reveals or hit the link below for some Archelos lore, courtesy of Wizards.