Magic: The Gathering Reveals Returning Planeswalker And More For Modern Horizons 2

Magic: the Gathering

2021 is shaping up to be an incredibly successful year for Magic: The Gathering.

Following the release of two major expansions – Kaldheim and Strixhaven – for the card game’s core Standard rules, Wizards of the Coast only intends to further ramp up its schedule over the next six months. This summer alone, for example, will mark the launch of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a set dedicated entirely to iconic tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Modern Horizons 2. The latter is exclusive to a format of the same name and enables the use of far more cards from different eras in Magic‘s history.

That being the case, a much larger pool of keywords and mechanics are available, including many that have long since rotated out of popular use. This not only allows Wizards to reprint older sorceries and creatures, but reintroduce those that long ago passed into distant memory, à la Dakkon. First introduced in 1994, the character, while essentially always considered a Planeswalker, was never used as such due to the unique card type not originally existing.

In 2021, however, the Blackblade has received that exact treatment. And you can check out his new form, as well as several other reprisals and newcomers, in the gallery down below:

As a tri-color (white, blue, black) Planeswalker, Dakkon’s powerful loyalty abilities will find a home in many deck types, especially those built around Surveil and artifacts. At Mythic rarity, though, players will likely need to open many basic packs before the fearsome warrior shows up. Chances are high that a more common alternate art variant will be present in collector’s edition bundles, but Wizards has yet to confirm anything of the sort so far.

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