Big Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Melee Weapons, Gadgets And More

Apex Legends

A new round of leaks is making waves among the Apex Legends community, it seems.

Thanks to the continued efforts of data miners, players of the battle royale are accustomed to learning of details for future updates before they’re made official, but the discoveries made this time around are exceptional, to say the least. A huge number of 3D models for unreleased items are included in today’s haul from the depths of Apex‘s files, many of which appear to be hinting at a major update on the horizon.

While some of the findings amount to little more than environmental assets, a number of weapons and mysterious gadgets have been found, too. For a first-look at some of the potentially upcoming items, check out the gallery below.

Of particular note right from the get-go, is the recurring weapon theme. Beyond each current hero having a dedicated close-quarters attack, melee combat is essentially non-existent in Apex Legends. Does the pattern here suggest that developer Respawn has plans to change that? Too early to tell, though the more likely scenario is that we’re looking at early designs for new Heirloom items. The screwdriver, in particular, makes specific reference to Octane, suggesting that the tool belongs to him.

As for the bizarre mechanical spider, your guess is as good as ours at this point, though this isn’t the first time fans have spotted references to an arachnid invasion. Earlier this year, audio files said to belong to the eight-legged creatures were discovered which led many to believe an event involving their arrival was imminent. No such thing has come to pass just yet, though this find will undoubtedly reignite those discussions.

We should note, of course, that at this early stage, all of the above could prove to be little more than leftover or unused assets from scrapped content, but who knows what the future will bring? Exciting times ahead for Apex Legends, then, so be sure to watch this space for any further developments.