Man Gets Caught Playing Apex Legends On Airport Monitor


What do you do to pass the often ludicrous wait times for public transport? Update your socials? Get some shut-eye? How about an impromptu gaming session on an airport monitor?

That last suggestion might sound like a comedy sketch, but for one frequent flyer, that’s exactly how they chose to keep their hands occupied. Bearing direct witness to the irregular act at Oregon’s Portland International Airport last week, Twitter user Stefan Dietz, in disbelief, decided to snap the unnamed individual perched on a chair, completely unaware of their imminent rise to internet fame. And what game did our mystery player decide would best help to make the time fly by? None other than Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale, Apex Legends, of course.

Check out the incredulous scene for yourselves below:

Discussing the event with CNN, Dietz admits how taken aback they were by the sheer audacity of the situation. “I couldn’t believe it. You’ve got all these monitors there and he’s playing a video game.” Even more bizarre, however, is the revelation from airport staff that the man had actually hooked their personal PlayStation 4 console to the monitor in plain view of staff. As per a statement released by spokeswoman Kama Simonds, airport officials ultimately confronted the man and asked him to stop.

The punchline? “He politely asked personnel if he may finish his game,” Simonds revealed, to which officials offered an appropriate response (hint: it wasn’t yes). An outlandish tale, no doubt, but this isn’t the first time gamers have landed themselves in hot water for their playing habits. Last year, a driver was questioned by police after they discovered several mobile phones running Pokémon Go inside their vehicle.

As for Apex Legends, the star of this particular story will no doubt have been getting extra hours in for the multiplayer title’s limited-time Grand Soirée event ahead of next month’s Season 4 launch. The grind just never ends, eh?

Source: CNN