No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update Now Live, Adds Base-Sharing, PS4 Pro Support, More


No Man’s Sky‘s Path Finder update is now live on PC and PlayStation 4, and besides adding the brand new vehicle type outlined in a previous announcement, Hello Games’ latest patch goes above and beyond in offering a wealth of new features to a title that has often been criticized for not having enough. In case you missed the news yesterday, Path Finder’s primary content addition is Exocraft or, as they’ll likely be referred to from now on, buggies. These new ground-based vehicles come in three flavors – Colossus, Roamer and Nomad – each of which has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you previously found exploring planets to be a chore in No Man’s Sky, this new kit should prove to be a boon in your interstellar travels.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. New difficulty modes, including a much welcome Permadeath difficulty, have been added, so if you fancy attempting to make the trip to the center of the galaxy in a single life, now you can. Be aware, of course, that if you perish, it’s game over forever. Until you start a new save.

Perhaps most noteworthy of all, though, is the introduction of base-sharing. While it may not be the face-to-face online multiplayer fans have been waiting for, it’s now possible for players to find and explore bases created and owned by their peers, which should help to breathe life into a universe that can often feel rather empty.

Other improvements, including dedicated PS4 Pro support, new high-resolution textures, ship specializations and new vendors, are part and parcel of Hello Games’ Path Finder update. It would take far too long to dissect each and every one of those in great detail, but you can find the full patch notes for yourselves over here.

I must admit, after seeing everything No Man’s Sky‘s latest update has to offer, I’m inclined to revisit its universe for another go. What about you folks, though? Is this enough to bring you back? Let us know in the comments below.