Every Map Change And New Location In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6


As expected, the arrival of a new season for Fortnite has triggered some noticeable mutations in Apollo Island’s ecosystem, especially in the lands surrounding what is now the Zero Point’s home for the foreseeable future.

In case you missed the big event, Jones and The Foundation – a member of the mysterious Seven – were able to halt the anomaly’s destructive powers by containing it in a grand spire structure, but not before it managed to leave a lasting impression. Several points of interest, including Salty Towers, have been irreversibly transformed following the event and now play host to all sorts of wildlife and weapons. You can read more about both of these features by heading through here, or continue reading for a breakdown of all the environmental alterations introduced with Season 6: Primal. But first, check out the map below for a visual representation of all the changes, represented by brown.

While its influence hasn’t quite spread to encompass the entirety of Apollo, every zone within close proximity boasts renewed reason for players to pay them a visit. Boney Burbs (replacing Salty Towers) is sure to be a dangerous drop location due to its cache of rare materials required to make Primal weapons, with Colossal Crops – an amalgamation of Colossal Coliseum and Fatal Fields, serving much the same purpose.

Folks who venture further afield to the edge of the corruption will find a series of eerie towers, each housing an NPC Guardian. These fearsome foes can be fought in battle and if defeated, have a high chance of yielding legendary rarity gear as well as a key item. The latter of these can be taken to the Spire to unlock a pair of Mythic Jump Boots that confer a jumping and mobility buff to your avatar for the remainder of a match.

That’s all we’ve learned so far, but if you’ve stumbled upon some Fortnite secrets not covered here, let us know in the usual place below!