Enter A Dream State With This Mario & Luigi: Dream Team E3 Trailer

mario luigi dream team

Taking place inside of Luigi’s vivid dreams, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team looks to mix elements of classic Mario games with the surreal. What’s good about that is it looks to offer something uniquely different and creative, with some obvious inspiration taken from the likes of Super Mario RPG. Though, given how great that game was (and still is), I certainly won’t complain.

Take a look at the game’s E3 trailer, which shows off some new features, like being able to affect Luigi’s dreams by moving his hat or pulling his moustache on the touchscreen. By doing so, you’ll also get to see the two included worlds: the real world and the dream world.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is expected to be released in Europe on July 12, while North American gamers will have to wait until August 11. In-between those two dates, the game will appear on store shelves in Australia (July 13) and Japan (July 18).