Marvel’s Avengers Co-Op Gameplay Reveal Coming Next Month

Marvel's Avengers

Itching to see more of Marvel’s Avengers ahead of the game’s launch later this year? It’s your lucky day.

Well sort of, anyway. Crystal Dynamics hasn’t gone and dropped a bunch of surprise footage for the upcoming action-adventure title, though it has done the next best thing. In a brief update to fans over on YouTube, the developer touches on the difficulty of working on such a massive project remotely in the wake of COVID-19’s spread, citing the solidarity shown by Marvel’s iconic team as an inspiration to keep going in spite of a changing work environment.

Fears of any further delays have been put to rest, then, but that’s not the only good news to come out of today’s sit-rep. The studio also confirmed that its first so-called “War Table” event is due to take place next month, June 24th, and will serve as the platform to show off a certain gameplay feature that fans have been waiting for almost a year to catch a glimpse of – co-op.

Finally, we’ll be able to see the likes of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Black Widow take on the villainous machinations of A.I.M. together, as well as a glimpse of how multiplayer missions will differ from solo-only story content, with the latter due to get more screen time, too. Exciting times ahead, no doubt, and with any luck, Crystal may even be holding back a few surprises for the big day. With now only a few months to go until release day rolls around, the previously advertised beta will have to take place sooner rather than later, so here’s to hoping for more information on that front, too.

Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia.