New Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reportedly Reveals The Game’s Main Villain

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers appears to have sprung a leak this week and a particularly major one at that.

Specific descriptions of everything from plot details to major characters, cameos and even the game’s ending surfaced on 4chan over the weekend in a thread that has subsequently been promptly deleted. And, as always, it goes without saying that nothing you read beyond this point is official by any stretch of the imagination. Given the circumstances, however (more on that later), we’re inclined to believe there’s at least some semblance of truth to the rumors.

That being the case, we’d caution against going any further if you wish to remain unspoiled ahead of Marvel’s Avengers‘ release later this year. You’ve been warned.

A summary of the leaks (H/T, Bounding Into Comics) can be found below:

  • Kamala Khan will be tasked with reuniting the Avengers following the events of A-Day, with Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and the extraterrestrial Kree presented as primary antagonists.
  • MODOK, whose end goal is to convert the citizens of New York into subservient Inhumans, will be revealed as the true mastermind behind A-Day.
  • Various characters and locations from the wider Marvel universe will appear in cameo or supporting roles, including Hawkeye, Hank Pym, Ultron and Black Panther’s homeland, Wakanda.
  • Captain America, while presumed dead at the start of the game, is alive and being held captive in an AIM facility.
  • Insomniac Games’ PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game serves as an indirect sequel to Marvel’s Avengers.
  • Khan (AKA Ms. Marvel) is offered a position in the Avengers at the end of the game, an invitation she opts to decline.
  • A post-credits scene depicts a member of the Skrull arriving on Earth and disguising themselves as Stan Lee, signalling their infiltration of Earth.

Some massive revelations above if true, then, but just how believable are they? Well, for starters, much of what the 4chan leak shares in regards to villains have already been heavily teased in older leaks and, thanks to the emergence of new LEGO sets based on the game, are essentially confirmed at this point. The same goes for other characters mentioned, with even Crystal Dynamics itself having teased previously that Hawkeye would make an appearance in-game.

Ultimately, it won’t be until Marvel’s Avengers finally releases on September 4th that we’ll know for sure but until then, feel free to let us know in the comments below what you make of these latest developments!